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That's Amore!

"When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's Amore!" ~Dean Martin

Joe and Donna Amore are proudly representing their last name! What is better than LOVE? It is an honor and a pleasure to represent the word in their life and in their profession. 

It all began on the streets of New York City, one morning Donna decided to take the bus on the corner to work when she usually took the subway. Joe was taking the bus the same day and they happened to lay eyes on each other. Neither one of them said anything, they just looked at each other, got off the bus at their stop and went about their day. Donna told her friend at work about this handsome dark haired man on the bus and that she was going again the next morning to see if he might be there. 

How do you think the story turned out? He was definitely there. Ladies, sometimes you have to be the one to make the first attempt at conversation! She took a leap of faith and started talking to him, after a short time they were married!

The next miracle in their lives was having a child! Doctors told Donna it was never going to be possible. She had miscarriages and they said it would never happen. Unexpectedly she was pregnant, delivering a handsome baby boy!

The family packed up and moved to Virginia after their son was 3 years old. They lived there for 9 years and then felt called to Moultrie, GA. They had no idea what would await them. Once they arrived to their new home they received a call that their moving truck had caught fire on the way. They lost all of their belongings except for a few smoke ridden items. It was a total loss. Things seemed a little grim at the time and they were sad from losing everything they've ever known. 


Instead of letting it cause depression and worry they tried to realize what life might be teaching them. What did they need to learn? Was the universe trying to tell them something? Was God speaking to them through this situation?


Joe and Donna realized that life wasn't about material items. It was about family and the importance of making memories. Teaching them that life was more than material items, they were brought closer together. As the years passed in Moultrie, they became more involved in the church and became pastors, leaders, and elders. 


Their love for others made it clear to them that they were called to serve people beyond the walls of a building. They will go above and beyond, going to hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere necessary to lay hands on the sick and pray for them. They counsel and listen to those who are in need and try to help others anyway they can!


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