That's Amore!

"When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's Amore!" ~Dean Martin

Joe and Donna Amore are proudly representing their last name! What is better than LOVE? It is an honor and a pleasure to represent the word ‘love’ in their lives and in their profession. 

It all began on the streets of New York City. One morning, Donna decided to take the bus to work instead of taking the subway—her usual route. Joe had decided over the weekend that he was going to ride the bus into Manhattan instead of taking the seven block walk to the elevated train every morning.


Donna got to the bus stop first that morning and remembered the moment Joe turned the corner and they saw each other for the first time.  Her heart went ‘pitter patter’ and she thought to herself, “I’m going to take the bus into the city again tomorrow in hopes of seeing this handsome young man again.”


That morning, neither one of them spoke, they just looked at each other, got off the bus at their stop and went about their day. Donna told her friend at work about this handsome, dark-haired man on the bus and that she was going to the bus stop again the next morning to see if he might be there. Joe called his sister when he got to work and told her he had seen a cute little blonde girl at the bus stop and that he hoped he would see her again.

How do you think the story turned out?  He was definitely there. Ladies, sometimes you have to be the one to make the first move! Donna took a leap of faith and started talking to him and, after a short courtship, they became engaged and later married.

The next miracle in their lives was having a child. Doctors had told Donna that she would not be able to get pregnant and, even if she did, she would not be able to carry a child to term, due to having endometriosis.  Miraculously, God had another plan and Donna became pregnant and, nine months later, delivered a handsome and healthy baby boy!

When their son turned three, the family left New York City and moved to Richmond, Virginia where they bought their first home and lived happily for nine years.


Unexpectedly, Donna became reunited with her cousins and after visiting the family in Moultrie, they decided to move to Moultrie and found the perfect house.  Once they arrived at their new home in Moultrie, they received a call that their moving truck had caught fire in South Carolina and all of their belongings had been lost in the fire.


Things seemed a little grim at the time and they were.  However, the family was happy they had a home and a roof over their head, even though they had no furniture, pots and pans, beds to sleep on and only a three-day change of clothing.


Instead of letting it cause depression and worry, they tried to see what God was trying to teach them. What did they need to learn? Was God speaking to them through this situation?  Hadn’t God said, “I want you to make a fresh start?”  Did that mean without any possessions?


Joe, Donna and their young teenage son realized that life wasn't about material things. It was about family and the importance of making memories and putting God first. Teaching them that life was more than possessions, they were brought closer together as a family.


Since living in Moultrie, Joe and Donna have become ordained pastors, leaders, and elders in their church. Several years ago, Joe and Donna started the “Healing Hands Ministry” and began to minister to individuals and families by praying for the sick in hospitals, nursing homes, and residences.


Over the years they felt a calling to expand the ministry by counseling people in their church.  Afterwards, they went for training and obtained their diplomas in Christian Counseling.


The Amore’s love for others made it clear to them that they were called to serve people beyond the walls of the church. Two years ago, they took a leap of faith and opened an office on South Main Street in Moultrie and started “Love Endures Ministries”.


Their counseling expertise includes marriage and individual counseling, addiction counseling, pre- or post-divorce counseling and grief counseling. They don’t just counsel, they do life!


By donating to Love Endures Ministries, you are investing in a ministry that helps people from all walks of life. No one is turned away regardless of their ability to pay. 


Your tax-deductible contribution works to change the lives of people going through life’s struggles. With love and compassion, Joe and Donna work tirelessly to help people make a fresh start in life; overcoming the obstacles of depression, addiction, divorce, grief and financial hardships.


If you would like to set up an appointment for a counseling session, either face-to-face or on-line, simply click on the appointment tab on the website or call (229) 526-0067.  


The Amore’s look forward to meeting you!  

God Bless You!

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