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Thervo.com has reviewed and featured our counseling services on their list as the Best Top 10 Pros in our area for 2020.   

Love Endures Ministries was selected as one of the best in our area because we exceeded Thervo.com standards of excellence for our clients.

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Hozell Terry

  Jennifer Amore

Gladys Anderson


"Joe and Donna have been great Christian counselors for my husband and me. When we went through a rough patch in our marriage, my husband reached out to Love Endures Ministries and set up an appointment. Because of COVID-19, they accommodated our session to an online Zoom meeting. From the moment we started the session my husband and I felt so comfortable sharing with them. They really make you feel like family. They shared some of their marital issues that they had overcome which made us feel like they truly understood us. They are definitely God's servants. Before ending a session, they would pray for us and include some sort of scripture. They are nonjudgmental, wonderful Christ-like people. The prices they charge are EXTREMELY reasonable. Thank you for saving our marriage. God bless you forever and always. 

~ Lee & Kaitlyn Wood May 2020


"I highly recommend anyone who is seeking help in any aspect of life to contact Love Endures Ministries." ~ Lauren Tomlinson

Our Services Include:

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Marriage Counseling

Individual & Spiritual Counseling

Grief Counseling

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Pre/Post Divorce


Life Coaching

Addiction Counseling

"Love Endures Counseling is something you need in your life, if you want a great marriage." ~ Hozell Terry


Jennifer and I were married before, divorced for 2 years, then reconciled a year ago. When some of our old issues started coming back, 8 months into our marriage, we immediately started looking (Thervo.com) for christian professional counselors, and found Joe and Donna. They really brought a scriptural based support system that helped us work through these typical yet important issues. We could tell they made a strong effort to stay neutral, dig to the bottom of the matter, then apply scripture and christian counsel, helping us work through our problems together. We are now able to communicate in a much more mature manner, thanks to Joe, Donna, and God, and are able to work through our issues together, using the skills Joe and Donna taught us. If you and your spouse are having problems don’t give up. There is hope and success to be found for your marriage also. Both Joe and Donna want your relationship to succeed and bring the love and skills to the table to help you do so. 

 Robert & Jennifer Blevins August 2020


Many couples today enter into marriage with little or no preparation.  So after a few years of marriage, things can start to unravel, especially when children come along.  Most couples married one another because they believed the other could meet their needs and satisfy their desires. When they realize this is not the case, the fighting and the blame game starts and they find themselves falling out of love….and believing their marriage was a mistake.

In our ministry, we are dedicated to helping people build strong, healthy marriages through a biblical perspective.  Most of us have no clue how to be a good wife or a good husband or what it even means. We’re here to help you learn how to love and respect your mate and how to put their needs and wants before your own. This is unconditional love—loving another more than oneself.  

God designed and desired couples to live in a pleasurable and fulfilling relationship.  When God designed the marriage covenant, He did so with the intent that this commitment between a man and a woman would be more important than any other human relationship.  All we have to do is look in His Word for His instructions for a successful marriage.

One of the most important things we stress to couples is that the covenant of marriage is not to be taken lightly.  When they took their marriage vows with one another and with God, it was supposed to be “till death do us part.” .  He wants every marriage to work and to be fruitful. We have to fix ourselves individually with the help of the Holy Spirit, before we can fix our marriage.  By changing ourselves and admitting our shortcomings to our spouse, our marriage will be transformed. When one spouse sees the changes in the other, it will encourage them to change as well.

Let us help you build a legacy by being an example for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the generations to come as they witness your loving and enduring marriage.

"I feel whole and I feel alive again!" 

~ Gladys Anderson


If I could give 100 stars, I would! For anyone who is not getting the most out of their church, experiencing any type of suffering/crisis, or just need someone to talk to, Mr. Joe and Ms. Donna Amore of Love Endures Ministries are the perfect people to contact, whatever your counseling needs may be. They are true followers of Jesus Christ, and are in tune with our Father in Heaven in such a divine way, holding healing powers (through the power of Holy Spirit) to assist anyone with any problem they may have. They are such sweet, honest, and non-judgmental people. They are truly God-sent angels in my book. God placed them in my life to help me gain deeper roots in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to help me discover God's calling on my life. With less than three weeks worth of counseling, I have come such a long way in understanding God's Word, the unfailing love that God has for me, and the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. The valuable, life-changing knowledge that I have acquired through Mr. Joe and Ms. Donna is not taught in traditional church today. That is what sets their ministry apart from any other ministry. I must say, they have taught me more in just three weeks than my own parents have taught me my entire life. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking help in any aspect of life to contact Love Endures Ministries, especially those who have not yet discovered Jesus Christ and all that He can do for you. GOD GETS THE GLORY in all of their work, and all that He has done for me through these AMAZING people.

 Lauren Tomlinson May 2020   


Our approach to faith-based counseling is biblically-based, and Spirit-filled to help bring healing and restoration to wounded people. Based on the principles of the Bible, our method to counseling is to help people through their life issues based on Christ-like unconditional love.

​You may wonder, is Faith-based counseling practical and effective?

Yes, absolutely. Based on our testimonials and our track record of success, we believe faith-based counseling is the most effective method to help get to the root of people's pain, trauma, and addictions.These methods lead to a comforting environment, providing our clients with a non-judgmental and transparent atmosphere. 

You may wonder, am I just going to get a guilt trip about how I don’t have enough faith or a bunch of Bible verses thrown at me that I struggle to believe?

No. Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor, met people where they were in life and with what they were ready to handle. He met them with the amount of faith they had. Your pace is our pace. Jesus was the Gentle Healer and God is the God of all Comfort.​ 


From the moment we started the session my husband and I felt so comfortable sharing with them.

They really make you feel like family.

~  Lee & Kaitlyn Wood


 As you know this year has been absolutely crazy! This has been the roughest year for our marriage. I prayed and looked for counseling. I was lead to Mr. Joe, and Ms. Donna. I’m thankful for the sessions we have had. I have already seen improvements. I feel so much better after each session, and look forward to more in the future. Thank you guys for all that you do! Be Blessed!

  ~ Luisa Ramatowski August 2020

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